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ADHD Coaching for creative entrepreneurs

Engagement Starts at 6 Months

If you’re a creative freelancer or entrepreneur who has (or suspects you may have) ADHD, you’re in great company.  While 7-10% of the general population has an ADHD diagnosis, the rate is estimated to be significantly higher in entrepreneurs and freelancers.

As a business coach and ADHD coach for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers, this makes total sense. Some key entrepreneurial traits that naturally occur in an ADHD-wired brain include:

  • The ability to generate ideas all day every day
  • Seeing connections and opportunities where more linear thinkers don’t
  • Thriving when there are a variety of ideas and topics at play
  • Higher tolerance for risk and change
  • An ability to hyperfocus on topics of interest

If anyone can bring a fresh perspective and novel solution to a problem, it’s an ADHD creative!

The flip side of all this idea-generating fabulousness is that ADHD presents some real organizational and execution challenges that, left unmanaged, can seriously impact the success and growth of your business. Those challenges might include:

  • Motivation and procrastination
  • Prioritization and organization
  • Time management
  • Managing finances
  • Completing boring but necessary administrative tasks
  • Emotional sensitivity and/or feeling overwhelmed

Those are some serious speedbumps to contend with, and while you’ve no doubt been told that if you “just” make a list/put it on a calendar/try harder/be less sensitive you’ll succeed, you and I both know it’s not that simple.

What if thriving as an ADHD creative professional is less about focusing on your weaknesses and more about understanding what makes you unique, how you add value, and what systems and people you need in place to deliver that value?

Every business is as unique as the creative brain that dreamed it up and my coaching process, framework, and tools are designed to meet you wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey and move you forward from there.

The four main areas of our coaching will include:

  • Defining who you are, how you’re different, and why it matters
  • Identifying who your ideal clients are and why
  • Crafting a clear messaging and marketing strategy
  • Developing the systems, processes, and activities  that help you deliver outstanding results

What you get:

  • Personalized plan and assignments
  • 2 hours of coaching per month via Zoom
  • Recordings of sessions
  • Re-cap notes for each session
  • Insights, feedback, and advice from a small business owner
  • Resources and references, including trusted business advisors and collaborators
  • Option to get a question answered or feedback between sessions (15-minute time limit)

Ready to get started? Ready to get started? Book your free 30-minute introductory call with me and share your business challenges, ask questions, and we’ll talk about the next steps.

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“I connected with Justine at a time when I was looking to graduate from being an unfulfilled creative contractor plagued with self-doubt and financial confusion. I had so many questions about how to run a business, and it felt as though I had no one to ask. More so, I was too embarrassed to admit what I didn’t know. I also have ADHD which made executing all the necessary functions of a business a daily struggle.

Justine took great care in learning about what my goals were – not only in business but what my definition of success in life was. She gave me tools to help me stay organized and strategies for delegating tasks to others. She has helped me see the path to financial clarity and stability. After each call with her, I feel refreshed and excited to take on the next challenge.

Since working with Justine, I have instituted new systems of organization and record-keeping. She has connected me with several tremendous partners in finance, creative, and account management that are helping me to meet my goals. Most importantly, she’s given me a sense of confidence as a business owner that I didn’t think I could have. Justine is a gem and an absolute pleasure to speak with, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”

—Felix Stim-Fogel, Creative Director/Founder of Thrillion