Are you a freelancer or service-based creative entrepreneur looking to build a solid foundation and clear roadmap to a more profitable business?

Re-design your creative business to attract more high-quality clients, land better projects, and make more money.

Join business coach Justine Clay and a curated group of your industry peers in our virtual group coaching program.

You’re creative by nature.
Let me help you be profitable by design.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You want and need to get higher-paying clients, but have no idea how to consistently find, or connect with them.
  • As a multi-talented creative, you struggle to effectively communicate what you do, why you’re different, and the value you deliver.
  • Your brand message and presentation are not representative of what you know you deliver.
  • You know you need to market yourself, but the lack of clarity around what you do and for whom keeps you running around in circles.
  • You’re constantly reinventing the wheel but getting nowhere.
  • You know you’re not charging enough, but just thinking about asking for the fees you want makes you break out in a cold sweat.
  • Your brand message and presentation are not representative of the value you know you deliver.
  • You know something’s got to change, but feel overwhelmed to the point of being paralyzed, so you do nothing.

Deep breath. Now, imagine…

  • Being crystal clear on what sets you apart and the value you deliver.
  • Knowing exactly who your ideal clients are, what they aspire to, struggle with, and need.
  • Packaging your services to resonate with your ideal clients’ unique and specific needs
  • Understanding the fundamental building blocks of a successful business
  • Being able to easily and quickly adapt to changing market conditions (because we know recessions and pandemics happen!)
  • Having confidence around pricing and value (no more low-balling, discounts, or hourly rates!)
  • Possessing a clear path to your goals and knowing how to course-correct as needed
  • Hitting, and exceeding, your revenue goals
  • Knowing when and how to say “no” (and feel really good about it)
  • Having systems and processes in place so your business runs like a well-oiled machine

This kind of clarity isn’t reserved for a chosen “business-minded” few. Learning how build a profitable and fulfilling creative business isn’t rocket science, (thank goodness!) but there are business, marketing, and sales principles you must understand and take consistent action on if you’re going to build the consistently profitable creative business you want.

If you’re tired winging it and trying to figure it all out yourself (really, who has the time?) and are ready to confidently build a profitable and successful creative business, I have something exciting to share with you!


The Creative Business Accelerator
group coaching program

Get the top-tier clients you want. Make the money you’re worth.

“I am so grateful I made the smart decision to invest in myself and my business and work with Justine. I was completely overwhelmed and flying by the seat of my pants just trying to make it work. Justine helped bring direction and process to my business, providing me with a clearer understanding of what I can offer and what sets me apart.

Her process is extremely effective and action-oriented and was invaluable when the COVID-19 quarantine began. As an Event Producer relying on large gatherings and conferences, Justine's process and guidance helped me pivot and continue to work through this pandemic. She provided me with purpose, a clear vision on my long-term goals, and most importantly the confidence I needed to grow as a business-owner. I highly recommend Justine to anyone starting, expanding or pivoting their creative business!”

—Kim Lovett, Founder of Indigo Events

I’m Justine Clay and I’ll be guiding you through a proven, actionable process that will transform the way you think about business (and yourself as a successful, savvy business owner!), and sustainably grow a profitable creative business.

Here’s why I’m so passionate about this process and know it works:

When I moved from London to New York in 1996, with little more than a psychology degree and English accent, the concept of being a successful entrepreneur with a passion for marketing and business were as foreign to me as putting maple syrup on your bacon!

After a stint waitressing (it wouldn’t be any kind of a New York story without it!), I landed my first job answering the phone in a design agency.  I’m almost 100% certain the only reason I got the job was because of my English accent, but I didn’t care; it was my ticket to somewhere.

A year later, I was hired by an up-and-coming creative representation agency where I learned every aspect of positioning, managing, and growing the careers of high-level independent creative professionals. From spotting great talent and putting together a dynamite portfolio, to making new business calls and marketing, writing and negotiating proposals, and managing a project from beginning to end – I learned that talent alone simply wasn’t enough and mastery of each of these elements was crucial to building a successful, creative career.

In 2006, I branched out and opened my own creative services agency, Plum Creative, where I built a reputation within the advertising and design industry for helping retail and lifestyle brands find the perfect talent for their projects and managing the project from beginning to end.  With one of my top earners billing $2,000 a day (every day) we were working on great projects, with great clients, for great rates.

And then the recession of 2008 happened.

Almost overnight, the work dried up. I was paying myself out of my savings and the pressure of not knowing how long I’d be able to hang on had my stomach in knots.

Little did I know, this seeming “disaster” was the start of a pivot from running a business I enjoyed, to creating the purpose-driven work I was born for.

I had an epiphany: I had a gift that I could share with the creative community on a much larger level, not just a select few.  Along with a wealth of expertise and experience in the advertising and design world, I realized I had an uncanny ability to help them identify their unique talent and package it into a marketable and profitable proposition.

And so, my gift was unearthed, and my coaching business was born.

I spent the next 12 months creating a step-by-step program called Profitable by Design. I now work with a range of creative professionals, empowering them to play a much bigger game, fulfill their potential, and build the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families.

I’d like to help you do the same!

I’ve spent 10 years developing and testing a step-by-step approach that will teach any creative professional who is ready to do the work how to attract high-quality clients, land better projects, and hit (heck, exceed) their revenue goals.

“In less than one month, Justine has transformed my business. Prior to our work together, I was undercharging, over capacity, and stuck in a business model and scarcity mindset that prevented me from growing. Within three sessions, Justine helped me align my pricing with the value I provide, create more time and space in my schedule to do my best work, and gain clarity on the business I want to grow over the next 5 years. She also supported me as I priced, negotiated, and secured my largest contract yet. My ROI in working with Justine is already 3x the investment I made in her services. I can't stop singing her praises to friends and colleagues, and I can't wait to see what we create together in the next 5 months of coaching!”

— Emily Hammel-Shaver, Lumos Communications, Brand Strategy | Copywriting | Web Design

Imagine discovering the business, messaging, marketing, and sales skills you need are a lot simpler to master than you thought. Imagine feeling clear, confident, and proactive in your business, and deciding who to work for, when, and for how much.

Imagine what your life would be like!

Can you feel the relief of finally shaking the feelings of self-doubt, overwhelm, and perfectionism, and coming to your desk every morning knowing exactly what you need to do to move your business forward?  Can you imagine the time and space you’d have to focus on your creative work because your business is running like a well-oiled machine?

If you’re ready to learn the tools and strategies you need to build a profitable creative business, regardless of the market or economic conditions, here’s your next step.

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The Creative Business Accelerator
group coaching program

A system for building an efficient, fulfilling, and consistently profitable creative business.

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"Before joining Justine’s Accelerator group coaching program, I felt scattered and unfocused. As an artist, illustrator, and writer with 28 years of experience, I had too many irons in the fire with too little clarity and follow through. I needed to streamline my business so I could use my time and talent most effectively and connect with the high-end clients I was looking to serve.

After only one session, I felt such relief! I couldn’t believe how clear and simple everything was. Justine’s group coaching sessions are lively, interactive, inspiring, and fun. I always look forward to them. Each one is packed with useful information – the kind that sets off “oh my God” lightbulbs in my head, and I love the worksheets and assignments that help me implement what I learn directly into my business. After just a few months, I already feel like I’m living in “the land of wins.” I know what my business is about (it’s simpler than I thought). I know who my ideal clients are. I have a set of goals and a concrete way to get there. I know I can always learn more – and I do, in every session. I just wish I’d found Justine’s coaching program sooner!"

—Maggie Parr, Visual Storyteller

“Like every established business, we are always on the lookout for new ways to learn, improve and grow. We signed up for Justine’s Creative Business Accelerator program after attending a very enlightening workshop with her. After 17 years in business we wanted to assess and develop the processes that make our business tick and figured it might be time for a new perspective. Justine and the Creative Business Accelerator program certainly delivered. Each week we covered a new topic, working with Justine and an amazing group of creative business owners she had assembled from around the globe. These interactive sessions were insightful and informative, not to mention enjoyable and energizing. We gained far more than anticipated, and we’ve already seen a positive impact on our business. We highly recommend Justine and the Creative Business Accelerator program to any creative business owner looking to re-tool and grow their business.”

—Ann Williams and Dean Schwartz, co-founders of Schwilliamz Creative Consultants

“The group program proved to be an invaluable experience. My biggest takeaway was upgrading my mentality from freelancer to business owner.  In the height of the pandemic, Justine’s program and guidance offered a beacon of encouragement and hope that I could create a better work life and subsequently, a better life overall. The worksheets alone were worth the price!  I got so much from the group dynamic, which Justine - always encouraging and wonderfully direct - curated beautifully. I am leaving this program so much better than I arrived.  Thank you!”

—Frances Bailey, Editor and Stylist

“My only regret of working with Justine is that I wasn’t lucky enough to hear about her earlier in my career! She is a great mentor and leader, has abundant knowledge about psychology, business and marketing and is great at facilitating group work. I can honestly say that I had major breakthroughs and insights during the group program, that made a lasting change in how I think and feel about my business and how to run it.”

—Maya Beus, Illustrator

“After working with Justine, I gained a clearer understanding of who I wanted to position myself to as a creative. Justine’s tools (in the form or modules and worksheets) acted as a roadmap to help me lay down a foundation and build the business I desire. I also received the advice, feedback, and support I needed from Justine, the group, and my accountability partner. They shared ideas with me that I didn’t even think of.

The biggest takeaway I got from working with Justine was the clarity and the tools I needed to make my dreams of full-time business ownership a reality.”

—Stephanie Jadotte, Creative Director

“Justine's group program was the single best investment I made this year. I was at a crossroads were I wanted to find clients that aligned more with my values and where I wanted to be in the long run. The course helped me shift my perspective entirely and think about what hiring managers were looking for. Justine has the unique perspective of being on the hiring side for 20 years and working with 100's of creatives. It is crazy to me how much changing my marketing brought in a ton of new clients and not only that, but the clients I specifically wanted. Her program really works, and it's also great to have met a new network of creatives through the process too. If you're on the fence, do it! So worth it.”

—Ali Cotterill, Filmmaker and Editor

“Justine's group program helped me re-structure the way I thought about my business. After neglecting my branding and design business to focus on my start-up, I was in the desperate position of needing to quickly bring in new work that paid well. Justine helped me figure exactly who I wanted to work with, what I had that they needed, and how to make it easy for them to select me as the perfect match for their challenges.

A few months later I have three new big clients, probably the best I’ve ever had, and know exactly how to grow my business from here on. I just need to execute.

Working with Justine is the single best advice I would give any creative business owner looking to grow their business quickly and consistently - period.”

—David Muller, creative director

“When I went back to full-time freelance after a few years in an office, I knew I needed to strategize about taking my work as a self-employed writer and editor to the next level. During the group program, I worked to hone in on my niche and create messaging and marketing strategy that speaks to the clients I want to attract. It’s paying off and I’m doing absolutely great! Business has been so good that I recently fulfilled the dream of becoming the sole breadwinner for our family. I also finally launched a new project I’ve been planning — a website for women freelancers — and have all kinds of ideas to build it into an amazing resource. It’s a pretty great feeling to be succeeding and to be thinking bigger than ever!”

—Katherine Gustafson, Freelancer Writer and Editor

“Before joining Justine's group program, my work was hyper-localized and most of my referrals were coming through one woman in my very small town. I knew I needed a more national reach but wasn't sure how to accomplish that goal.  The feedback and perspective I got in the program about how I was positioning myself was priceless. I realized I was holding on to ideas, images, and names that had sentimental value, but didn’t translate into my ideal clients.

The group program gave me the confidence to niche my business specifically for designers and builders, change my name from Ramshackle Genius to Dwelling Creative and expand my network and client base nationally. I’m now working with my dream clients, charging three times my old rate, knowing I can deliver results and I have more high-quality clients now than I can keep up with!

“I joined Justine's program with an entirely different business than the one I left with! I'm so grateful!”

—Melissa Lind, Founder of Dwelling Creative

Why you should join us:

We use the following framework and tools to meet you where you are and support your evolution from there. You are never “behind.” We don’t do “compare and despair.”  We just focus on what momentum and progress look like for you.

Industry-specific guidance, insight, and support

With 20+ years of experience helping creative professionals build profitable creative businesses and careers, I understand the unique challenges you face, as well as what your ideal clients need to see, hear, and experience, to hire you.


How many times have you been derailed by perfectionism, self-doubt, or poor time management? It happens to us all which is why accountability is a cornerstone of this program.

Resource vault

Action is what transforms a dream into reality. Action is what generates and maintains momentum. Action gets results. The resource vault contains actionable worksheets & videos support to help you make consistent progress towards your goals.


In my experience, creative entrepreneurs thrive in the company of high-level, like-minded people. The Creative Business Accelerator program is an application-only, curated group of creatives who are just as serious about growing their creative business as you are. If you’re ready to be in the company of your people, apply to join us!

Monthly themes

We believe that frameworks support creativity. And so, we will anchor our work into monthly themes designed to unfold your entrepreneurial journey, step-by-step.

Access to me

The Creative Business Accelerator has been designed to give you what you need when you need it, including direct access to me. You can either send me questions via Loom (included in your monthly investment) or, for more in-depth support, book a 90-minute, one-on-one coaching session at a discounted rate for as long as you’re in the program.

How it works:

Every month, we meet via Zoom for two 90-minute group calls.

Call 1: Teaching on the monthly theme

I know you don’t have time to read all the books, try all the techniques, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and do your work. In this interactive session, I will break it down into what you need to know, what you don’t, and actionable steps you can implement in your business right away. Recordings and slides from this session will be archived in the private membership site.

Call 2: Member hotseats + Q&A

During this call, members will have the opportunity to sit in the “hot seat” and share a challenge or growth opportunity with the group. Over the next 20-30 minutes, the group will ask questions, share experiences of what’s worked for them in similar situations, and help the hot-seat participant brainstorm solutions and next steps. A beautiful side-effect of hot seats is that the entire group will learn, gain insights, and experience a-ha moments! Zoom recordings and chat will be archived in the private membership site.

Support between sessions

I know that questions don’t always time themselves with our group sessions! You can send me a question via email or Loom and I will send you a Loom video in response.

Monthly themes:

Align your vision, values, and goals

In this month we’ll identify how to create goals and values that inspire you to make huge leaps, identify and seize opportunities, help you make faster, better decisions and make consistent progress towards making your vision a reality.

What makes YOU stand out from the crowd

Are you on-board with having a niche in theory, but resisted putting your stake in the sand for fear of turning away clients, or picking the “wrong” one? You will learn how to identify your unique gifts, translate them into tangible value, and integrate into a consistent, yet flexible positioning.

Money + mindset

You’re here because you want to make great money, right? But if you’ve got a “broke creative” story running in the background, you simply won’t achieve that goal. During this month, we will identify your “regular”, “stretch”, and “outrageous” money goals, the concrete actions you need to take, and address the limiting beliefs holding you back.

What your ideal clients really want, need, and will pay for

Do you know who your ideal clients are, what they aspire to, need, and struggle with? This month’s theme is dedicated to understanding exactly who your ideal clients are so you can build the services they want, need, and will pay for. Ahhh, clarity!

Your unique process

One of the biggest obstacles to transitioning from hired gun to specialist who gets paid the big bucks is having a clear process or framework by which you deliver results.  Gaining clarity around your process helps you build confidence and trust, establish expectations, and close more sales!  What are we waiting for? Let’s do this!

Services + Pricing

If you find yourself working on an hourly rate model, constantly reinventing the wheel with your pricing, and/or generally lacking confidence and skill when it comes to negotiating rates, you’re going to love this theme. You will learn how to create services that are priced based upon value and results, not the hours you put in. Game changer!

Messaging that resonates

I bet if you look at your website right now the messaging is all about you, not your client. Am I right?  Don’t feel bad, we’ve all done it! In this month, you will learn how to create client-centered messaging and make the (often small) changes you need to increase engagement, nurture warm leads, and close more sales.

Websites that convert

If your website functions as an online portfolio with a bio and “contact me” page, you’re not alone! But you ARE missing a huge opportunity to engage, educate, and convert cold prospects into clients. This theme is dedicated to actionable ways to transform your website into a sales tool. No fancy funnels, cheesy sales copy, or advanced SEO involved – just the clearest, most persuasive, best version of you!

Marketing + editorial calendar

Is marketing something you know you need to do, but feel completely overwhelmed by? During this month, we’ll define what content and strategy works best for you and, best of all, create a sustainable, time-efficient marketing plan.

Processes + Systems

Are you needlessly asserting effort and wasting time in your business? From unnecessary email exchanges to simply getting a meeting on a calendar, to hours of wasted time due to unclear expectations and boundaries, and lack of process in your business can rob you of time, creativity, money and joy.  During this month, we’ll be talking about simple, repeatable, and inexpensive processes that will help you close more sales, deliver a better outcome, save time, and make more money

Building your network

A healthy network consists of potential clients, referral partners, collaborators, and resources. During this month, you’ll learn who your people are, where they hang out, and how to connect and nurture mutually supportive relationships.

Sales + Onboarding

Who hates sales? If you have your hand up, I promise you won’t for much longer! During this theme, we will unpack the sales and onboarding process that pre-qualifies prospects, allows you to show up as your most generous authentic self, and increases your close rate.

What’s included:

Two 90-minute group coaching sessions per month

A Resource Vault with actionable worksheets and videos to help you apply what you learn directly to your business at your own pace

Access to a private membership site where Resource Vault and group call recordings will be housed

Assigned accountability partner to help you stay on track with your goals.

Support and valuable feedback from your industry peers

Access to me where you can get questions answered (limited to 5-minute Looms)

A program workbook to help you create a roadmap for your creative business.

Access to discounted one-on-one 90-minute coaching sessions with me for as long as you stay in the program

Showing up and doing the work is the absolute BEST indicator of your success. I’m here to help you stay motivated, inspired and on-track!

"Before joining the Creative Business Accelerator coaching program, I was in a constant state of uncertainty. I knew what I wanted to achieve in an abstract way, but didn’t have guidance, support, or tools to put those feelings into action. I knew I needed support and Justine’s group became my community. Her program helped me entirely restructure my business, increase my rates, find my people, and connect with prospects who respect the value of my work. For the first time, every part of my business is aligned.

Without Justine’s help I’m not confident there would have even been a business, and definitely not one that is helping me achieve my goals. Making the decision to invest in yourself is nerve-wracking and I cannot thank Justine enough for her knowledge, time, and patience as she guided me through it all!"

—Sisi Recht, brand designer & illustrator

"⁠I started seriously looking for a coach about a year and a half ago, knowing I needed help with my business. I found Justine through google and knew immediately she was someone I wanted to work with….but I didn’t reach out to her until 6 months later.⁠ ⁠

On our intro call she had to help her young son with something, and apologized saying she’s never had to call someone back before. I fully related to that moment and knew she understood how hard it is to balance being a mom and a solo entrepreneur, and I told her regardless of what her next group program looked like, I wanted to be a part of it.⁠ ⁠⁠

Well, I've been working with Justine for 6 months already!⁠ One of the biggest appeals of group coaching was being in community with like-minded people. We’ve become great friends - we cry together, laugh together, learn together - the support is amazing.⁠ ⁠

The things I’ve learned so far are helping me solidify my position as a coach and how to best serve my ideal clients. My confidence has grown, too. I know I couldn’t have made it this far on my own and am so grateful to be in such wonderful company with this group! Community is everything."

—Ashley Johnson, Founder of AEJ Create

"As a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur – with deep expertise as a business and art consultant and instructor, social justice activist, and founder of Honey Art Studios and Beauty Behind Bars, my mind is constantly shifting and planning new projects. A lack of ideas and passion are not my problem!

My first meeting with Justine was extremely enlightening. Before working with her, I struggled to express and connect the dots between the various roles that I play. Justine creatively and professionally helped me see the connections and helped me to craft a mission statement that resonated with me and felt cohesive - building communities, connection, and better futures through creativity, economic growth and art.

As my mind inevitably jumps to new ideas and projects, Justine knows just what questions to ask to help me come back to my original mission and, more importantly, stay focused on the structure and viability of my business.

I met Justine by accident, but I don't believe in coincidences. She was intentionally placed in my life and I am forever grateful for that!"

—Ericka Scott, Founder of Honey Art Studios and Beauty Behind Bars

"Justine’s Creative Business Accelerator group coaching program was an amazing investment not just in my business, but in myself. She provided a framework and support to develop a business based on my values and life goals - and all within a support group of friends! I highly recommend this course to any creative entrepreneur!”

—Tracy Lam, Visual Designer

“Having Justine on my team as a business coach has had great influence on my approach to client relations. Her guidance during contract renegotiations was crucial in me doubling my retainer fee with my most important client. She was flexible within her own framework and accessible, helping me shift my mindset from agency creative to nascent agency founder. I highly recommend her.”

—Gabriel Rios, founder of Collectivo Camerada

“The Creative Business Accelerator helped me formulate a game plan to re-position and move my business forward. I had been thorough other books and programs, all of which had something to offer, but I found offered simplistic solutions to complex problems. What I got from The Creative Business Accelerator was a way to formulate that game plan and the understand how this is an ongoing process. I always knew that there was a LOT of work to do, but now know WHAT work to do. Before there was no clear picture of how to get to where I wanted. Now there is a compass, a direction and a methodology. Thank you!”

—Rob Winter, founder of Winter Interactive

“Justine has helped me to shift how I position myself professionally.  I no longer focus on what I’ve done—which is not a particularly effective calling card—but what exactly I can do for my clients. Most importantly, she’s helped me to understand that defining who my ideal clients are and speaking to them directly, intentionally and in a way that corresponds with their sense of themselves works.  She brings warmth, understanding and absolute clarity to her workshops, and the results have been amazing. I landed a job in my field—even though I wasn’t looking for one—have become much more vocal and confident in my consulting work and have revamped my website, which has meant a significant uptick in traffic. Thank you, Justine!”

—Carol Goodstein, communications expert and founder of

“Working with Justine was like coming back online. What had been a rewarding career had recently turned into professional atrophy — and lingering there was not an option. I needed help to gain clarity and to reposition myself for the years to come. Through Justine’s program I regained perspective, made way for dormant ideas to come alive through research and planning, and changed my trajectory by retooling my whole approach.

Justine is a sharp thought partner who brings a wealth of practical processes and knowledge to the table in order to break new ground. I have her to thank for founding a podcast and a publication.”

—Ioana Friedman, Digital Design Lead + Founder at The Daring

“I wish I had found Justine’s group program when I first started my business a few years ago. The bi-monthly Zoom meetings with the whole group were incredibly helpful for hearing other creatives’ perspectives. I had great accountability partners to talk to as well, that I’m still in touch with today. The course modules are well paced so I could continue to manage my clients and day to day projects. I even changed the name of my LLC to something more relevant and reworked my entire website thanks to inspiration from the modules. As a result of the hours invested in this program, I now have the clients I want to be working with and more free time to travel. Thank you so much, Justine!”

—Jessica Sweeney, Founder of Rise Apparel Development

“Participating in Justine's group program has given me clarity and a sense of direction with the addition of practical tips which I can always fall back on whenever I need to refine my direction again or when taking next steps in my business. Before this program, I felt frustrated about not being able to find a clear direction and was stuck in the process of taking my business to the next level. This program has helped me narrow down my special gift, who my ideal client is and the confidence in marketing this.  I’ve come away from this course with an ability to communicate clearer and plan my next steps in order to build the business and life I aspire to. I know I will go back to Justine in the future for extra coaching to help me with future challenges.”

—Katrien Riks, Art Direction and Branding Specialist, Amsterdam

“What a huge relief to connect so many dots and get a firm grip on my own value and strategy! It’s hard to admit this, but before I met Justine I was… lost. I beat myself up for lack of focus. But now I can more confidently answer “What do you do?” without stress or ending the conversation. The clarity I’ve achieved priceless, as is Justine’s program’s structure for my further betterment. I’m refreshed and motivated to think like a creative solopreneur about my business and my marketing.”

—Bruce Colthart, Owner, Designer, Brander, Bruce Colthart Creative LLC

"Joining Justine's group program was an invaluable experience! Her insights and suggestions were always very inspiring on our group calls. All of the worksheets she crafted were incredibly succinct and results driven. Justine goes beyond typical brand positioning advice. She encourages a beneath the surface approach that simplifies and helps align your spirit and passion with your brand and work. Justine helped me get very clear on who my dream client is and how to most authentically and effectively market myself to them. I have redesigned my website and am incredibly excited about putting myself and my brand out into the world! Thank you Justine!"

—Margaret Gallagher, Creative Director + Designer, Studio Gately

“Justine’s group program was exactly what I was looking for. I am in the process of re-vamping my business and was feeling stuck with everything I had to do and consider. I had come to the realization that sitting back and waiting for clients to just roll in is NOT a business plan, duh.

As a result of working with Justine, I’m much clearer about the kind of clients I want to work with, am more confident in what my unique strengths are, and feel clearer about how to market myself (even as an introvert!).

The program was a great and affordable introduction to working with a coach, and Justine is very personable, organized, and has her *stuff* together. She’s generous with her time, very responsive, and honest about where you’re doing well and where you could put some more thought.  I’m so happy I decided to sign up. Thank you Justine!”

—Sarah Johnson, founder of Unstuck Creative

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Join Justine Clay to re-design your creative business in our virtual group coaching program.

Investment: $500 per month

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Got questions?  I’d be happy to jump on a 15 minute call with you to see if this program is right for you.  Just send me an email at and we can set that up.

10-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you change your mind within 10 days of starting the program, just send us an email and we’ll refund your money. No hard feelings or questions asked!

I am committed to helping purpose driven, motivated, and resilient creative professionals fulfill their vision and mission in life. And because this is a group program, I want you to know that you’re right for this program.

This group program is right for you if:

  • You’re an established creative professional or entrepreneur (5+ years of experience) who is already generating income.
  • You’re primarily a serviced-based business (if you also sell products as a part of your business model, that’s cool).
  • You are already investing in your business and self.
  • You have the vision and are willing to do the work, but you don’t know the steps necessary to make your dream a reality.
  • You are inclusive and welcome perspectives, stories, and lived experiences that are different from your own.
  • You’re tired of hustling and are looking to be more strategic about how your find clients.
  • You’re looking for a community of high-level creative and business peers to share ideas, resources and experiences with.
  • You’re ready and willing to share what’s working, what’s not, and challenge your assumptions along the way.
  • You want to find meaning in your work, create work that has a positive impact, and be compensated very well for the value you deliver.
  • You know you’re not charging enough, but don’t know how to position or price your services.
  • You recognize you need to invest in yourself and your business and are ready to consistently show up, step outside your comfort zone, and do the work.

The group program is not for you if:

  • You’re an absolute beginner (there are great resources to support you, email me if you’d like any recommendations).
  • You’re not making money in your business
  • You’re primarily a product-based business owner.
  • You’re looking for someone to fix your business for you.
  • You’re looking for a cookie cutter solution (please don’t buy any programs that promise that, they don’t exist!).
  • You keep buying courses, but don’t follow through with any of them (then complain when nothing changes).
  • You’re not willing to challenge your assumptions.
  • You do not welcome perspectives, orientations, and lived experiences that are different from your own.
  • You say you want change, but you’re not willing to invest your time, energy and resources to make it happen.
  • You’re not ready and able to join the program for a minimum of 6 months.

Got questions?

Here are some answers to questions I hear most often:

The program is designed around 12-month curriculum and commitment. I am always evolving the curriculum, content, and tools, and you are welcome to continue in the program for as long as the community, industry-specific guidance, and support serves you.

My goal is to curate, nurture, and support a diverse group of creative kindred spirits. If the program just isn’t for you, of course, you are free to leave. If you’re not ready, willing, and able to commit for 12 months, this might not be the right program for you. If you do choose to leave, there will be a waiting period of 11 months before you can return.

I’ve found that for most people meeting every 2 weeks is the sweet spot for giving you enough time to do the work, but not so long that you lose momentum.

The group has a maximum 10-14 people.  This keeps the group intimate while including enough variety to ensure you benefit from the expertise, experience, and feedback of your peers.

I specialize in working with creative professionals of all disciplines including art directors, creative directors, interior designers, design directors, designers, graphic designers, website designers, photographers, copywriters, writers, illustrators and video producers and directors.

While I specialize in working with creative professionals, my system works for any professional whose mission is to share their unique talent with people who have a genuine need for it. My ‘non-creative’ clients, who include IT professionals and a Systems Architect, are just as successful as the traditionally creative ones. It’s really a question of if the program and process resonate.

Yes! There is an opportunity to ask questions during session, in the Facebook group, and directly with me via email between sessions. If you have a question, it will be answered.

As a member of the program you get access to discounted 90-minute one-on-one coaching sessions (you pay $350, instead of $600).

This program has been created specifically for creative professionals who have, to some degree established their creative business or career, and are looking to be more proactive, more effective, and grow. They are willing to put aside any pre-conceived ideas and fears and do the work.  This program won’t work for people who don’t have a somewhat established freelance career, business or idea, skeptics, complainers or people who make excuses not to take action. I’m invested in the success of each and every person who works with me, so it’s important that we’re aligned on our vision and what it will take.

All of our sessions will be held virtually via Zoom. The dates will be as follows:

Group Coaching Sessions - 90-minutes (12-1:30pm EST)

Session 1: 3/16

Session 2: 3/30

Session 3: 4/13

Session 4: 4/27

Session 5: 5/11

Session 6: 5/25

Session 7: 6/8

Session 8: 6/22

Session 9: 7/6

Session 10: 7/20

Session 11: 8/3

Session 12: 8/17

Session 13: 9/7

Session 14: 9/21

Session 15: 10/5

Session 16: 10/19

Session 17: 11/2

Session 18: 11/16

Session 19: 11/30

Session 20: 12/14

Session 21: 12/28



Absolutely! Upon joining us, you will be given access to a membership site where you will find find a welcome and orientation video, recordings of each session, a Resource Vault with actionable worksheets and videos to help you apply what you learn directly to your business at your own pace. You will also get a program workbook to support your in turn your ideas and dreams into strategy and ACTION!

Absolutely! Businesses are living, breathing things that require us to tend to them, nurture them, and change as necessary. In my experience, one of the best investments we can make in ourselves and businesses, is finding the right support, tools and community to foster growth. Come back, bring your knowledge, experience and expertise and grow with us!

Yes! My top tips are:

  • I will pair you up with someone in the group who you will check in with regularly to support and hold one other accountable.
  • Show up for the live group coaching calls. They’re a great place to get feedback, ask questions, stay motivated, and get unstuck.
  • Do the work to implement what you learn.

If you do the work, you can expect to:

  • Gain a clarity and confidence about what you have to offer and position yourself uniquely within a crowded marketplace.
  • Transform your mentality and approach from hustling freelancer to savvy creative business owner
  • Possess and entirely different way of asking better questions, finding the resources to support you, and solving problems.
  • Be more strategic, confident and proactive in your creative business
  • Experience, first-hand, the magical benefits of community and peer support and feedback
  • Gain a crystal-clear understanding of your ideal clients’ needs and how you are uniquely positioned to help them.
  • Attract better quality, higher paying clients, while the less-than-ideal clients effortlessly drift away.
  • Create a pitch that naturally and clearly communicates what you do to potential clients and referral partners.
  • Understand which marketing tools are right for you and create a marketing plan that doesn’t feel like ‘selling’ or ‘work’.
  • Learn how to package your services to resonate with your ideal clients and sell
  • Create content that engages and draws your ideal clients to you.
  • Work on more creatively fulfilling projects.

I understand by let me re-frame that thought for you. Up leveling your business, clients and pricing involves challenging long-held beliefs and assumptions and shifting your mindset; both of which are difficult without guidance, support and accountability. Investing in support that will help you make these transformative and lasting shifts is a big deal and should make you think twice. You’re on the brink of a big leap. That said, I will NEVER advise someone to work with me if it will put them in financial jeopardy to do so.

Yes, to make this as cash-flow friendly as possible, I charge a monthly investment of $500, with no upfront payment required. Your credit card will be automatically billed each month.

ADHD coaching is a co-creative process designed to help people with ADHD (or those who suspect they have ADHD) fulfill their personal and professional potential. Like other coaches, I help clients identify goals, navigate and overcome roadblocks, and take consistent action towards building the business and life they seek. Unlike other coaches, I am trained to help people with ADHD and have 20+ years of experience working specifically with creative professionals and entrepreneurs, an ADHD-rich population!

Not at all! As a neurotypical person with 20+ years of experience supporting growth-minded creative entrepreneurs and freelancers, I have a toolbox of frameworks, strategies, and tools that help creatives build profitable creative businesses. Creatives are my people and Creativity is my speciality! Through a series of life events, I became aware of the connection between ADHD, creativity, and entrepreneurship. I saw a huge need among the creative/neurodiverse population for support designed to understand their unique needs and challenges, meet them where they are, and help them move forward from that place. I decided to specialize further and get my ADHD life coaching qualification. My mission is to help ALL creatives build the awareness, confidence, and skill set they need to build a profitable and fulfilling creative business.

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