A New Year___ (fill in the blank)

By Justine Clay


image via: blog.purehome.com

Along with much of New York, I started the New Year with a stinking cold.  Feeling  crappy, I treated myself to a new magazine that I would then take to the couch for a couple of blissfully quiet hours.   As I perused the magazine options (I settled on British Vogue), I noted how many cover headlines enticed me with variations of  ‘A New Year, A New You ‘. 

Hmmmm, tempting.  

I love New Year, precisely for this reason.  I can write a long list of things that will make me happier and better and then do my best to knock them off, one by one.  But doesn’t this living-in-the-future approach mean we miss the good stuff that’s happening right now (even on the days when we have a cold)?  All we have is the present moment – the rest is just speculation.  I’m totally for a few life-enhancing goals such as learning to dance, or managing your time better, but I think the real gift is figuring out how to make each moment we have the best it can be.  After all, a years worth of ‘best’ moments would surely be a great year.  It’s no easy task, but what resolution is?

I wish you a million wonderful moments in 2013.  Happy New Year!