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Do you want higher-quality, better paying clients, but don’t where to find them?

Do you need help pricing your services, negotiating your rate, and closing the sale with confidence and ease?

Are you ready to market yourself more effectively to high-quality clients, but need help creating your message, content and strategy?

If you answered yes to any (or all!) of the above, take heart; getting the results you seek is easier than you think.  If you’ve got the vision and gumption, I can provide you with the tools, support and accountability you need to make your goals a reality. With 20 years of experience working with top-level creative professionals, I understand the unique challenges you face, as well as what your ideal clients need to see, hear and experience to hire you for their next big project.

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one-on-one coaching packages

The fastest way to break through your blocks and learn the skills and strategies you need to take consistent and impactful action, is to work one-on-one with someone who understands your industry, your unique challenges, and is 100% invested in your success.

I specialize in helping creative professionals identify what makes them unique, build a compelling marketing message and strategy and get more ideal clients. I have created four packages to meet you wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey.

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laser coaching session – 90 minutes

Have you ever labored over a proposal, dragged your feet on a much needed re-branding, or failed to take action on an idea because you didn’t know where to start? As entrepreneurs and freelancers we’re required to wear many hats and some fit better than others. Do you have a specific challenge or project you need professional help with? Whether it’s working on your pitch, generating ideas for content, or writing the proposal you keep putting off, I can help you get that project done and out the door.

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trainings & workshops

One of the most effective way to build expertise and confidence in a specific area is in a group workshop setting. In the company of your peers, my interactive workshops will help you learn the strategies and tools you need to thrive.

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My workshop topics include:

The Art of Communication: How to Connect, Build Trust and Turn Happy Clients Into Repeat Clients

As the advertising and design industry continues to evolve, it’s never been more important for an agency to establish and confirm why a client should invest in them, instead of the numerous, cheaper options now available.

Yes, the quality of the creative counts (a lot!), but how you make your clients feel is what sets you apart from the crowd and keeps them coming back again and again.

In this interactive and fun workshop, participants from all departments of the agency will gain a clear understanding of their communication strengths, as well as opportunities for growth. Building upon this self-awareness, they will be empowered with the tools they need to confidently engage and connect with a range of personalities and facilitate the optimal outcome—a happy, repeat client!

Are you ready to empower your team to turn happy clients into repeat clients?

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The Agent’s Blueprint to Writing Winning Proposals, Negotiating Rates, and Closing Sales with Confidence and Ease

Persuading prospects to invest in you depends entirely upon your ability to craft a clear, compelling proposal that communicates the value you offer, how they will benefit, and why they need to work with you now.

If you’re tired of wasting time writing proposals that go nowhere, get ready because your life is about to change!

In this one-day workshop I will teach you how to write a winning proposal, negotiate (and get) your rate, and close the sale more often.

Ready to have more time to actually do great work for great clients?

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