happy clients

Here are some of the transformations my clients have experienced as a result of our working together. I hope you feel as inspired by them as I do!

“Justine’s coaching program gave me the boost that I needed! Before working with Justine, I was busy with work, but not attracting any new clients, and wasn’t sure where to focus my efforts. My website was also outdated and vague. Justine helped me gain the clarity, confidence, focus and tools I needed to move forward. I learned the importance of marketing and working ‘on’ my business, not just ‘in’ it. She helped me pull together my positioning and content for my new website (that recently launched!). Justine also helped me develop innovative ideas on how to market my business, and helped me identify what I want from my business moving forward. I gained a new-found enthusiasm for my business and I very quickly landed a new client, which more than paid for my investment in Justine. I’d highly recommend her!”

—Amy Gorrek, Creative Director & Founder of Studio AG

“I came across Justine in a most unusual way and at the time feeling that a big shift was about to happen in my business. I hadn’t thought about a coach before and decided to reach out. To my delight, I found her to be instantly tuned in to what I needed and how to get there. I took the leap of faith and started working with her to develop my brand into something I’ve been wanting to do for years. With our sessions and her homework, yes homework, I was able to apply the knowledge that she shared along with her creative guidance into more than I ever expected. She pushed me beyond my comfort zone, through my resistance, and showed me a unique approach that has reshaped not only the look of my business but the content and message as well. I could NOT have done it without her! Justine really knows her stuff and equally as important conveys that knowledge in a personal and supportive way. This was my first experience working with a coach and I can say it’s definitely worth it and I miss her already! Thank you so much!!

—Marilyn Ballard, founder of MB reps

“Justine is a brilliant “creative whisperer”. Working with her as I switched paths and started my company, brought me clarity, confidence and most importantly, sanity. Her process is based on logical and actionable steps and her reassuring calm and fun demeanor gave me the confidence I needed. She was instrumental in helping me create a clear plan for building a successful business. And it doesn’t hurt that she has deep well of contacts to call on to help with the myriad of details in building one’s business. I have sent many grateful friends to her and two years in, she remains a valued and trusted counsel.”

—Alex Bates, Creative Director, founder, Flint & Kent

“My experience working with Justine Clay was amazing! Having worked with other coaches who end up being "therapists" or "guidance counselors", Justine was a partner. She got involved in the work- helping me to curate my collection, write and rewrite my statements, plan the design, layout and content for my website all in 1 VIP day! I felt that she was more than a coach but rather a business partner. My only regret is that I didn't work with her sooner!”

—Alyssa Peek, photographer and artist

“Before working with Justine, I was focusing on attracting the wrong clients in my food photography business. Justine helped me stop getting caught up in the day-to day and start looking at my business like a CEO. We identified my strengths, who my clients are, and created a master plan to help me reach my goals. I love working with Justine because she keeps me on my toes and her enthusiasm, drive, and smarts made me want to work harder and smarter at my business every day!”

—Evi Abeler, food photographer

“Working with Justine has allowed me to make monumental changes in my business that I have been wanting to make and never felt I had the time or strategies to make happen on my own. She totally “got” me and geared my sessions toward the particular struggles I needed to address (short-term and long-term). She helped me in so many ways, from soul searching to what I really want out of my business to figuring out how to deal with day-to-day business issues that came up. I am now working with the type of clients I want to work with and have improved my time management to be more productive and less overwhelmed. I am moving my business into a direction I feel so excited about and know I would not have been able to make these transitions without Justine.”

—Jodi Kostelnik, Hello Neighbor Designs

“Every creative solopreneur needs a Justine! After working with Justine I gained clarity regarding my brand, clarity on prospects I wanted to approach and was able to present a much stronger marketing and web presence. As a photographer who recently moved from a small market to NYC I found the prospect of re-establishing myself a bit daunting and quickly needed to readjust my focus. Justine made the transition easy and because of her help I am able to work with and approach very high level prospective clients with ease. As a direct result my income level has increased, I have new revenue sources that are in development and am completely back on track with marketing efforts. Aside from her stellar coaching abilities she is an overall wonderful person and delight to work with, I can not recommend her highly enough.”

—Julien McRoberts, photographer

“Working with Justine was one of the best decisions I've ever made. After experiencing a few wonderful and exciting career shifts, I got to a point where I didn't know how to get from where I currently was, to my dream of growing a creative services business with clients all over the world. Justine's no-nonsense coaching sessions was a real journey of self-discovery for me–she helped me to believe in the real value of my work, as well as my goal. She connects the dots, getting down to the nitty-gritty with tough love, but constantly saw my overall vision. Within months of completing my workshops with Justine, I've developed an increasing number of relationships with global clients like World Bank, United Nations, and multi-national startups in Europe and Africa. Thank you Justine, for helping me to shift my perspective of myself as a professional in order to live my dream of going global and doing what I love!”

—Khania Curtis, Founder and Creative Director, Hotworks

“Working with Justine gave us the clarity, purposeful direction and confidence we needed to push our creative agency to further realms of success! Before meeting Justine, we had difficulty finding time and focus for moving our marketing strategy forward since we were committed to our existing clients and the demands of running a brand new partnership. Now, we have a dedicated marketing strategy that fits wonderfully into our packed schedule, and we have already received new clients in addition to gaining new skills and confidence. Justine is simply the best!”

—Andre & Sarah, co-founders, Kind Aesthetic

"I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Justine at a point in my business in which I needed a re-invention. As I sought to both define and refine my next professional move, she systematically helped me to assess my strengths and opportunities. Together we designed a strategic marketing approach for my business, which in combination with her compassionate and supportive coaching style, enabled me to move forward with a heightened sense of confidence. I’ve come to consider Justine a trusted advisor especially in my field of marketing consulting & copywriting. I’d recommend her highly to anyone looking for that very rare combination of professional competence and sheer compassion for helping others!”

—Lori Hill, Marketing Consultant

“Justine's guidance and encouragement were invaluable in helping me clarify the unique value that I offer and increasing my confidence in marketing my services. Her distinct perspective was a major asset as I developed the core messages and content that were critical to launching an improved website. Before working with Justine, I took on any project; now I am able to focus on those that offer the greatest benefit to both me and my clients.”

—Lydia Hooper, designer and creative consultant

“Justine has helped me turn 25 years of professional experience inside PR agencies into a fresh new brand of my own. The money I spent on Justine was one of the best investment I have ever made. As a result of our work together, I know who my ideal clients are; I am comfortable holding out for them; and I have the confidence to ask for - and command - the fees that I deserve.”

—Nancy Weltchek, Weltchek Writes

“Justine is an amazingly valuable resource to the creative community. She provides laser sharp insights and spot on knowledge of the creative world, and is uniquely skilled at working with creative people one-on-one to help navigate your professional journey. I highly recommend Justine and Pitch Perfect to anyone who is at a cross roads and figuring out the next chapter of their career. In clear, actionable steps, she will help guide you to uncover what it is that you truly want in your career, and how to achieve it. Justine is not only incredibly wise and perceptive, she is also a genuinely wonderful person who creates a "safe space" to discuss your life and career choices.”

—Stacey Lieberman, Creative Director, SpotCo.

“After 18 years of art directing, I realized I needed to define myself and learn how to talk about my specific strengths and experiences when seeking clients and jobs. Working with Justine gave me the clear insight I needed to effectively edit my skills and really narrow in on the things that make me, me. It was truly a valuable experience that ultimately led me to a dream job. Thank you!!”

—Amy Demas, Creative Director

“I had a wonderful time working with Justine. With her guidance, I was able to make some fundamental changes in my work, as well as personal life. She understood right away who I am and what I needed to move forward and grow as a person and business. She helped me be more confident, to not be afraid of big changes, and to stay positive at all times. Together we figured out my business niche, developed a concise mission statement and came up with a new company name and website, which will launch in December. Due to Justine's support I was able to transform from a freelancer to an actual business. Signing up for her coaching services was certainly one of the best investments I made in 2015."

—Steffi Sauer, founder of Gutes Design Studio

“I contacted Justine when I was at a transitional moment in my career. After 6 years as the founder and creative director of a fashion site, I sold it and began looking for new opportunities. My challenge was that although I had many skills, I wasn't sure how to put them together in a way to market myself to others. At that point, I really wanted someone to say ‘you would be good in X position, let's re-write your resume for that.’ That is not what she did at all! Instead, Justine gave me a series of assignments that really helped bring clarity around what I was authentically interested in and even allowed me to see some talents I took for granted. In the end, I had a clear vision of the direction I wanted to pursue and a confidence that I believe helped me get the work I'm doing (and really love) now. Justine's personality is very warm and down-to-earth and she understands the needs of professional creatives in today's marketplace. I highly recommend her.”

—Katya Moorman, Creative Consultant and Image Maker at Katya Moorman

“Change. That word best describes what Justine has done for me. I started working with her when I had the merest glimmer of an idea of what I wanted to do and she helped me to clarify and build that idea into something real that has transformed me. She is smart, well-connected and energetic. She is the magic tonic that makes things happen.”

—Linda Kocur, founder of Miss Boxwood Paper Goods

“Justine is a joy to work with. She is very good at simplifying, focusing and strategizing.  She has sharp vision from many angles, great ideas, and a wealth of knowledge and connections. She has very good intuition, and has guided my work and process in a much better direction for me. She is savvy, elegant, direct and generous. I highly recommend her, and do so to my friends.”

—Christina Sun, Illustrator