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Do you serve the creative community and are looking for a dynamic speaker to engage, inspire and motivate your audience?

I believe each of us has the potential to create positive transformation in the lives of others and have dedicated my career to helping creative professionals identify, own, and build a fulfilling and profitable creative business around their unique gift. My interactive talks will energize and inspire your community to put the game-changing tools and strategies I share into practice and build more fulfilling profitable creative businesses.

My topics include:

How to Build a Thriving Network

The foundation of a thriving creative business is building and maintaining a strong, dynamic network of trusted collaborators, supporters and advisors. Modern networking is built around starting conversations, forming genuine relationships and focusing on giving, rather than getting.

In this workshop you will learn how to re-frame outdated notions of networking, view the world as one big opportunity to connect, and build YOUR thriving network.

The Art of Getting New Business: Finding and Keeping Great Clients

Finding and keeping great clients is the foundation of a thriving creative business. But fear of appearing ‘salesy’ or ‘pushy’ often holds creative entrepreneurs back from effectively and consistently marketing themselves to ideal clients. In this workshop you will learn the 6 steps to attracting your ideal clients and converting those prospects into paying clients. No selling or persuading required!

How to Craft Your Compelling Story and Build Your Brand

Stories have the power to move, inspire and make us feel understood. Stories build community and make us feel like we belong to something.

By using the power of stories in your business, you allow prospects to get to know, like and trust you. And people buy from people they know, like and trust!

Start sharing your story and build a business that is meaningful and profitable.

past speaking events include:


  • Freelancer’s Union
  • NY NOW – The Market for home, lifestyle + gift
  • Spark Design Professionals
  • We Work
  • SVA
  • Pratt
  • In Good Company
  • Emory Alumni Association
  • NWIFT (New York Women in Film and Television)

speaking testimonials

“We brought Justine in to work with the students in our Culinary Entrepreneurship program—to help them develop and refine the stories behind their business vision.  Justine’s concept of brand-building through well crafted and compelling story telling resonated immediately with our students and the clarity and structure that she brought to her session allowed the students to improve their concept definitions considerably.  They loved the session and we plan to have Justine participate in all future programs.”

—Cathi Profitko, Director of Online Development, International Culinary Center®

“I've been working with Justine to develop bespoke content that helps creative professionals realize their potential in the fashion industry. Her ability to combine first-hand industry knowledge with a coach mentality allows her to deliver practical and transformative advice that helps people navigate real-world industry challenges. Oh, and she's a breeze to work with! Justine is patient, adaptable and generous with her insight, and her passion for helping others do their best work comes across in everything she does. I'm looking forward to working with her in the near future!”

—Emily McGuire, Producer at Mastered

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“Freelancers Union gives independent workers a powerful voice through political action, research, and thought leadership, both our own, and that of our savviest members. Justine is one of our go-to coaches in the community, someone we trust to lead a workshop of 50 or a webinar of 5000k. Her advice to new and established entrepreneurs is always strikingly clear and optimistic, ensuring participants walk away with a tangible plan for next-steps to expand their network, engage with new clients, or hone in one what makes them unique.”

—Sharon Bruce, Member Engagement Manger, Freelancers Union

“We have had Justine Clay as a guest speaker at Spark Design Professionals twice now. As a non-profit organization that helps design business owners learn how to successfully operate and grow their business, it is important for us to have the best business coaches and gurus speak to our members and guests. Justine’s expertise and advice on how to better network in order to grow your business is invaluable. Justine’s methods work and I have had attendees of our events be so grateful that they were able to attend and see Justine speak. Her presentations are engaging, fun and entertaining—which translates to learning and retaining what she shares and leveraging it all to be more successful.”

—Lou Leonardis, Board Member, Spark Design Professionals / Partner and Creative Director, Trillion


“ByHand Consulting creates the educational program for Artisan Resource at NY NOW to offer design, marketing and promotion solutions to the artisan and handmade market. We asked Justine to speak at our Artisan and Handmade seminar series to address handmade messaging'Communicating Your Brand Story With Clarity'. Justine has an enthusiastic style and truly engages her audience with her humor and experience working with creative businesses. We enjoy working with Justine and look forward to inviting her to speak at NY NOW again.”

—Helen Joffe, ByHand Consulting


­“Thank you for an amazing presentation. The students were engaged by your materials, inspired by your presentation, and gained both the motivation and practical next steps to move their freelance careers forward.”

—Rhonda Schaller, Former Assistant Director of Career Development at School of Visual Arts, NYC

“I love to listen to Justine! Her workshops and talks are fun, engaging and full of practical ideas. Her advice has made an instant impact on my career.”

—Evi Abeler, food, product and interior photographer


“WeWork values our members' individuality, entrepreneurship and proactive methods of success. Justine lead a lunch and learn session and engaged each attendee providing insight into how to excel in their diverse industries. Members commented that her message was clear, concise and illuminating, and they also inquired as to when she will return - I hope soon."

—Blaine Ford, Community Director, WeWork NYC

"I've taken several networking and marketing workshops over the years, but none as helpful as Justine's. Many presenters have a 'Just do it' cheerleader approach that left me feeling like I had a problem I had to get over instead of empowered and excited. 

Justine is intelligent, positive and grounded, and she makes you realize that you have far more resources and abilities than you thought you had. She understands that self-promotion and speaking to strangers is awkward for most of us and normalizes it. She is a warm and clear teacher who shares great anecdotes about herself as well as helpful case studies. By the time we left, my best friend and I walked out with actionable skills, feeling great, and started meeting once a week to support each other in building our businesses.”

—Ann Husaini, Film and Television editor

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